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Khmer Coin 15

CAMBODIA. Uniface 3 Pe, ND (1825-40). Time of Ang Chan to Ksat Trey. PCGS EF-45.
KM-25. An interesting and RARE type that is both anepigraphic and uniface, this amber-gray specimen merely features a garuda bird on the obverse and is mostly free from handling.







CAMBODIA. 2 Pe, ND (1847-60). Ang Duong. PCGS AU-53.






Cambodia, Kingdom, Tical Coinage, 2 Pe (1/2 Fuang) Silver ND 1847-1860 Rooster left, KM 7, VF




CAMBODIA. Pe, ND (1840-60). Ang Duong. PCGS AU-53.
KM-5. Variety with crab.







CAMBODIA. Pe, ND (1847). Ang Duong. PCGS AU-55.
KM-3.1. Variety with uniface lotus seed with root spiral CCW.



Ang Duong Tical CS 1208 (1847) AU58 PCGS, KM36, cf. Fonrobert-2160, Daniel-79 (R4). Thick flan variety. By far the scarcer of the two primary varieties for this British-invented denomination, with Howard Daniel purporting that only a quarter as many thick flan as thin flan examples were minted. A borderline Mint State representative, showing fully-struck devices, dressed in an old patina







Ang Duong Tical CS 1208 (1847) AU50 NGC, KM37. Thin flan variety. A deeply struck example with a popular and captivating design, showing some highpoint wear and dressed in a cabinet tone.





CAMBODIA. Tical, CS 1208 (1847). Ang Duong. PCGS EF-45.
KM-36; Daniel-79. Thick flan variety. Deeply toned and pleasing, this lightly handled example stands as an overall attractive example of the variety.




CAMBODIA. Tical, CS 1208 (1847). Ang Duong. PCGS EF-45.
KM-37. Thin flan variety. Gunmetal gray in color, this wholesome and lightly handled example also features some deeper toning that further accentuates the devices.





CAMBODIA. Tical, CS 1208 (1847). Ang Duong. PCGS EF-40.
KM-37. Thin flan variety. Some bubbling on the surfaces is observed, but the level of actual handling is very minor, with tremendous detail remaining for the type.








CAMBODIA. 1/8 Tical (Fuang), ND (1847). Ang Duong. NGC MS-63.
KM-33. Mintage: 20,000. Featuring a charming hamsa bird on the obverse, this choice minor exhibits exceptionally alluring gunmetal gray toning as well as an overall sharp strike






CAMBODIA. Att, CS 1208 (1847). Ang Duong. PCGS VF-30.
KM-1. A fairly simplistic type that features a uniface strike, with a degraded hamza bird on the obverse




Year 1847


Hamza bird above its head chinese lettering : Chi =luck

Lettering: 吉

Translation: “Jí”, luck








Norodom I billon 6 Fuang ND (c. 1885-1901) MS62 NGC, Battanbang mint, KM-Unl., Fonrobert-Unl., cf. Daniel-100a (listed only in copper). 4.38gm. Garuda bird type. A highly enigmatic type, recorded by Howard Daniel only in either copper or gold, with 5,000 minted of the former and just 5 of the latter.






CAMBODIA. Piastre, 1860. Brussels Mint. Norodom I. PCGS PROOF-65.
KMX-M9; Lec-88. Reeded edge variety. An exceptionally appealing example of an extremely popular type, this beauty delivers a strong impression of its details on the toned flan of a mostly charcoal and peach complexion, all opening into the full rainbow when held at differing angles






Norodom I silver Restrike 4 Francs 1860 MS63 PCGS, KM-XM8, Lec-83. A commemorative issue boasting a fine peach-tinged argent surface lit aglow by ample mint bloom.



CAMBODIA. Norodom I, 1860-1904. 4 Francs 1860, Brussels. Restrike. KM XM8; Lec. 83. AR. 20.00 g. NGC MS 64




CAMBODIA. 4 Francs, 1860. Paris Mint. Norodom I. PCGS AU-55.
KMX-M8; Lec-81






CAMBODIA. 2 Francs, 1860. Norodom I. PCGS Genuine–Tooled, Unc Details.









CAMBODIA. Franc, 1860. Norodom I. PCGS MS-62.
KMX-M6; Lec-58. This sharply struck example of a popular type presents strong luster and handsome golden toning





カンボジア  CAMBODIA 50センアルミ貨 50Sen Alminum KM-56





CAMBODIA. 50 Centimes, 1860. Norodom I. PCGS Genuine–Tooled, Unc Details.
KM-45.1; Lec-45.




CAMBODIA. Silver 25 Centimes Essai (Pattern) Piefort, 1860-E. Norodom I. PCGS SPECIMEN-66.
KMX-E5; Lec-30.



CAMBODIA. 10 Centimes, 1860. Norodom I. PCGS MS-64 Brown.
KMX-M3; Lec-22. A sharply struck near-Gem, this beautiful minor presents some wholesome blue coloration to the surfaces, making this example endlessly interesting and certain to command much intrigue and interest.








CAMBODIA. Bronze 5 Centimes Essai (Pattern), 1860-E. Norodom I. PCGS SPECIMEN-65 Red Brown.
KMX-E2; Lec-12
















Cambodia, Kingdom, Beautiful Set : 10, 20 & 50 Sen Aluminum 1959 Various types, KM 54/56, UNC





CAMBODIA: 25 centimes token, ND (1860-1906), KM-Tn4, Lec-104, brass token struck for the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, a lovely mint state example! NGC graded MS63.







Cambodia  CINQ CENTIMES   1860


































































ambodia, Norodom I, Silver Essai 5 Francs 1875, Lec-95 Ag mm 37 in Slab NGC UNC-cleaned







Coin commemorative






CAMBODIA. Norodom I/Mandarins Homage Silver Medal, 1902. PCGS AU-50.
Lec-120; Gad-18.






CAMBODIA. Funeral of Norodom I Silver Medal, 1905. PCGS AU-55.








Sisowath I silver Specimen “Funeral” Medal 1928 SP63 PCGS, Lec-139. 34mm. Plain edge. Matte finish (incorrectly noted as “Flan Brilliant” on holder insert). A fleeting commemorative medal struck for Sisowath I’s funeral.





CAMBODIA. Sisowath Silver Coronation Medal, 1905. PCGS MS-62.
Lec-127; Gad-20.






Sisowath Monivong silver Specimen “Coronation” Medal 1928 SP62 PCGS, Lec-146. 34mm. Plain edge. Struck for the coronation of Sisowath Monivong and featuring a superficial scattering of light handling over matte surface



Khmer Republic


CAMBODIA. 100000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-69 Ultra Cameo.
Fr-7; KM-66. Mintage: 100. A RARE and popular issue featuring the bust of president Lon Nol and bearing the serial number “42









CAMBODIA. 5000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-66 Cameo.
KM-61. Mintage: 800. Cambodian Apsara Dancers.







CAMBODIA. 5000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-67 Ultra Cameo.
KM-60. Mintage: 800. Temple of Angkor Wat.


CAMBODIA. 10000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-64 Cameo.
KM-62. Mintage: 800. President Lon Nol.








CAMBODIA. 10000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-69 Ultra Cameo.
KM-63. Mintage: 800. Celestial Dancers.



CAMBODIA. 50000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-70 Ultra Cameo.
Fr-8; KM-64. Mintage: 2,300.






CAMBODIA. 50000 Riels, 1974. NGC PROOF-69 Ultra Cameo.
Fr-9; KM-65. Mintage: 300. The popular and RARE Celestial Dancer type





People Republic of Kampuchea 

CAMBODIA. 40 Riels, 1989. NGC MS-70.
Fr-10; KM-77. Mintage: 500.